Uranus in Taurus to bring earth changes

While I oftentimes predict the beginning or end of a marriage, job loss, residential moves, I don’t usually venture into forecasting/speculating on the weather or natural events. Yet, astrology has consistently been able to explain why a particular disaster or weather event occurred.

Because the upcoming transit of Uranus into Taurus is speaking so loudly to me and showing up in the charts of a number of my Los Angeles clients, I am writing this article as a warning about possible earthquake activity in the coming months.

First off, Uranus brings surprises, chaos, disruption, breakage and in the sign of Taurus (the earth) it is common sense to assume that we will experience some seismic activity. (And yes, I understand that earthquakes occur all the time and if I were to investigate further, I have no doubt that a particular planet or aspect of a city or country were affected at the time of said quake).

Several glaring examples include the Haiti earthquake when(Pluto in Capricorn -destruction of structures, earth) squared Saturn, the ruler of the country’s Capricorn sun.

The Fukushima disaster occurred at the tail end of Uranus in Pisces (extreme water activities) and Uranus into Aries (unusual explosions). The devastating tsunami of 2004 occurred during the time of Capricorn with a Mars/Uranus in Pisces square aspect.

This year, Uranus moves into Taurus on May 16th and oftentimes there is an event that “locks in” the nature of the upcoming 8 year cycle. (Uranus in Taurus will also bring change to our currency and money markets, building materials, environmental solutions and more). But for now and the sake of this article, I am focusing on the probability of an earthquake.

Both the charts of Los Angeles and Las Vegas contain Capricorn planets and strong Uranus aspects. (Anytime something is moving in the sky that reflects the natural placement of the birth chart, it “wakes up” or triggers the inherent energies.)

Even before the date of the ingress, there is a lot of planetary disturbance showing up (and in fact, like Fukushima, the event happens in the transition from one sign to another.)

Mars in Capricorn will be conjuncting Pluto from April 22 through May 2nd while Mars will be squaring Uranus in it’s last degrees May 9th through May 22nd. Notice that the Uranus ingress of May 16th is situated between these dates.

Mars Pluto is war, rape, bombing, pillaging and dictatorship in politics and intensity, violence, destruction and implosion when related to weather events. Again, remember everything is in earth.

Mars Uranus is likewise revolution, unexpected chaos, electrical problems, explosions, accidents, crazy-men. Both Mars Pluto and Mars Uranus can be implicated in domestic violence as well as war, repression and police brutality.

If there is an earthquake, how will Trump react? If in California, not likely in a compassionate way and the Uranus/Taurus ingress also coincides with Mars going into Aquarius, the same place it was on Election Day 2016 and the Sun on Inauguration Day 2017. Since/if he is still in office, he will be dealing with his own set of self-induced problems.

Los Angeles is a Virgo city with Mars in Capricorn and Pluto in Aquarius. It also has Chiron in Taurus (wound based on land/values). Las Vegas is a Pisces city but it has a Uranus in Capricorn/Mars in Aquarius signature. Both locations have the destructive aspects of Mars/Pluto/Uranus in Capricorn and Aquarius. These are the energies that will be highly active end of April through mid May.

Now again, fortunately, emergency services and first responders are excellent at their jobs so barring a Kurt Russell Escape from LA type scenario, we all must be alert, patient and practical. But don’t panic. Have the necessary food and water for several days. But if you don’t want to experience an earthquake or have the resources to stay out of town, it might be a good time to take a vacation. And Uranus in Taurus presupposes a change in values to a more simple, natural lifestyle so perhaps we will all get back to more solid roots after the necessary shakeouts.

And I do hope law enforcement and FEMA take note of these dates as well as geologists. Science has it’s own bias (material plane logic) so there is a tendency to dismiss information that may come from more esoteric methods but that is a knowledge barrier that must come down.

But changes are coming so at the risk of sounding like Jordan Maxwell, be safe out there, guys!

Astrologer and Metaphysical Correspondent. “Rather than be a victim of fate, be a co-creator of your destiny”! https://www.youtube.com/PatriceKamins