I know it’s tempting when looking at the 30% minority to believe that we might really become two different species. I believe the differences are environmental factors- religion, education, family abuse — that have contributed to either an evolved or under-functioning individual. (And yes, it is not as simple as economics as we have dysfunctional destructive people at both ends of the financial spectrum). But I do believe they are all emotionally damaged in someway.

Why? Because greed, hatred, narcissism are distortions of what it is to be truly human. This despite the fact that in consensus reality we have two conflicting theories of reality and time — that we are always moving forward — progress — and that human nature is fixed. The latter is an excuse to justify bad behavior or difficult or “evil” behaviors. Both concepts are not true. Time is circular and humans evolve or devolve based on different factors.

I don’t think we can give up on humans until we’ve really tried everything to save each other. A few recalcitrant bullies, even tho holding the current reins of power, should not stand in our way. Otherwise, we are taking on the mantle of victim.

Some people have turned on their inherent genius and others have not. Why?

When operating in a healthy manner, all humans — or living things — are capable of change and adaptability and positive relating. Just think of a simple thing like a tree or plant or pet. The dysfunctional ones are out of alignment— with their authentic nature, their spiritual essence, their quintessence, their ability to flourish. All living things thrive in “loving” environments and when their needs are met.

When I spoke of emotions, I do think we can tend toward benevolence even in the realm of planetary management. A bias toward the best possible outcome may expand beyond what we think is possible in a certain mechanical paradigm.

Now, can our current problems be fixed in time? With the current climate extinction time line, probably not. But to that point, even with the imminent takeover of AI, might we actually run out of resources, rare metals, maintenance, to actually make technological solutions viable? And I hate to burst the scientific bubble of a technological salvation, but when Pluto goes into Aquarius, starting in 2024, we will begin to see even more profoundly the misguided power we have placed in machines.

And I know you are talking about a perceptual paradigm and seeking what could awaken us to that or if not, at least allow us to survive as a species.

In the current moment, it does seem that technology would be beneficial regarding the decentralization and democratization of government, as you’ve previously described. This would potentially eliminate bad actors and create greater security that would allow humans to develop exponentially under less stressful and sickening circumstances.

And hierarchy, which is vertical, could be replaced with horizontal expansion. Those who are gifted or have developed more holistic values and qualities could of necessity and propriety, take on the responsible roles.

Those most connected to all variables (and life giving capacities) would the central hub/node of intersecting fields. I would still rather this be a biological human or a hybrid than a pure machine.

Because despite our limited perceptions, we are multidimensional but disconnected from the larger field. We are quantum but not aware of it. What will be the key that breaks the lock on our blindness? Perhaps just like computers are a material representation of universal mind, an absorption with AI and ML will kickstart our internal systems to gear.

Astrologer and Metaphysical Correspondent. “Rather than be a victim of fate, be a co-creator of your destiny”! https://www.youtube.com/PatriceKamins

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