What you’re talking about makes me think of the mythical Atlantis — the hubris of overdeveloped technology that led to a mass extinction.

I understand that we are in an unbelievably accelerated technological era and that is both exciting and terrifying. But from my perspective, however amazing the “progress”, we are still operating from the misguided supremacy of the brain as the sole source of intelligence — or data. We are sentient beings and ones that also have an emotional intelligence and intuition. These two areas have been so displaced, discouraged or repressed BECAUSE of the emphasis on intelligence and mind. (And certainly we know that even with this focus on gathering information and facts, we are so pathetically misguided by or in the processing of half facts, lies, misperceptions).

So despite progress, we are on the same one-pointed science mind perspective rather than a more holistic and, dare I say, “feminine” form of intelligence.
We don’t need more computing machines, we need more fully functioning human hearts. Even technology focusing on the brain and consciousness seems to miss the inherent point of “ether” or “chi” or the 5th element.

I am not saying I want to move back to a Luddite time without any tools or communication devices. But the rapid expansion of more controlling devices, primarily for profit, does nothing for human progress, especially in the matrix of the earth’s life cycle. So rather than adapting to destructive technology which is making us less human (perhaps evolved on some level, but to me, overly evolved OUT OF HUMANITY) and focus on the inner technology that we all have — our 6th senses, our second brain (gut) or empathy and connection to life — not cyber life.

Basically, let’s define progress to include a more holistic experience of being fully human.

Astrologer and Metaphysical Correspondent. “Rather than be a victim of fate, be a co-creator of your destiny”! https://www.youtube.com/PatriceKamins

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